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New role-playing games.

Multi Point of View

Not only one point of view of a character but from many characters.

Linked Story

All stories are linked, making it more interesting.

Battle Various Monsters

Various level and difficulty of monsters.

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Destinia Heroes Version 2.0 Patch Notes

Greetings, players. Sapphire here.

After receiving tons of feedback, is what I wanna say but the truth is we only received a minimum amount of feedback that is just enough to give me the motivation to make this post.

This is the patch notes for Patch 2.0 of Destinia Heroes:


- Fixed: Pub lady in the first town.
- Fixed: Deathblow and Quickdraw - no longer crits.

- Battle interface.
Added: Victory aftermath.
- Characters:
Garnet, Mirai, Cresta, Seiran and Shiva.
- Items and revamped pricing.
- West dungeon - open for testing.
- 2nd Town (Extalia)

2nd Town (Extalia):
East side:
- Mostly available.
- Magic, accessory and boots stores will be available on Patch 2.1.
West side:
- Diner and Pub are closed until further notice.

- Unlocked: Garnet and Mirai Chapter 1.

This patch will be available soon.

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Destinia Heroes Version 1.1

Hi, guys. Sapphire here. I've uploaded the latest version of Destinia Heroes. Yesterday, we received a report about the error while extracting the zipfile. Therefore, we upload the latest version as a single link because we're afraid that it might give us the same problem if we split it again.

Destinia Heroes Version 1.1 Dowload Link (Single Link : 644 MB) :

Sorry for any inconvenience. And thanks for playing our game! :)

3rd Forest Map Glitch

I've noticed that the game freezes when entering the 3rd map of the forest. 
Here is the like for the fix.
Just extract the files into the game folder. It should fix the freeze, Sorry for any inconvenience 

Updated by Sapphire


This blog is currently under maintenance. 

There is some problems with the previous HTML code, therefore, I put the default one as a temporary template.

But you can still read the posts, download our game and ask anything here.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you.


How to Install Destinia Heroes

Hello guys, Sapphire here. I'm going to teach you guys how to install the game after you've downloaded the game. This tutorial is not for the single download link...

Note : Click the pictures for a bigger pictures.

First, you need to put all parts of the 'Destinia Heroes' installer in one folder.

Next, open HJsplit. Click the 'Join' button > Input File. 


After the extraction, you can start to play it. Enjoy! 

See you guys around, bye.

P/S : Comment here if you guys need some help.